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Ariel Motor Company, or Ariel, is a British automotive company that is featured in all Xbox One main titles, as well as in Forza Motorsport 6: Apex.


The Ariel Motor Company has always been an innovator, developing its first patent for tensioned spoke wheels on a 48 inch, two-speed, ‘penny farthing’ bicycle in 1870 and the company’s history building bicycles goes back as far as 1847. Ariel went on to develop one of the first quadricycles and developed and sold cars until 1925. The company then switched to building and designing motorcycles and after, developing a large following, became part of the much larger BSA group in 1951. BSA produced Ariel model motorcycles until 1967. The last vehicle produced under the Ariel brand was a 1970 three-wheeled, tilting moped (the Ariel 3), until a budding sports car manufacturer named Solocrest purchased the renowned name in 1999. In 2000, Ariel LTD released its first exo-skeleton road-going car, the Atom. The car’s lack of exterior bodywork, open-wheel suspension, and ultra-lightweight design astounded car enthusiasts, not to mention its lightning-quick acceleration. Originally powered by a Rover K-Series engine, evolutions of the Atom ran Honda V-Tech powertrains and achieved the fastest 0-100 and back to zero speed record for a road legal car.
— Official description [1]


Image Year Name Drive Engine Power Torque Weight Front/Rear
HOR XB1 Ariel Nomad 2016 Ariel Nomad RWD 2.4L I4
236 hp
(176 kW)
221 ft⋅lb
(300 Nm)
1477 lb
(670 kg)
38 % / 62 %
HOR XB1 Ariel Atom 2013 Ariel Atom 500 V8 RWD 3.0L V8
475 hp
(354 kW)
268 ft⋅lb
(363 Nm)
1433 lb
(650 kg)
36 % / 64 %


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