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A convoy led by a Lamborghini Veneno in Forza Horizon 3.

Convoys are a new feature introduced in Forza Horizon 3 that appear in the campaign.

Players can create convoys by driving up to any Drivatar, and honking their car's horn, to recruit them as part of their convoy. A successfully recruited Drivatar will honk their horn back at the player and appear with an orange Drivatar icon on the mini-map, as well as having an orange player name above their vehicle.

Up to four Drivatars can be recruited at once and they will follow the player whilst not in an event. Entering an event or leaving the campaign will disband a current convoy.

If there's a waypoint set on the map, convoy Drivatars will follow the route outlined by the GPS; and should the player venture off-road, Drivatars in the player's convoy will also follow them off-road.

A convoy can be disbanded at any point by either opening ANNA, selecting "Convoy", and selecting "Disband Convoy"; or by pausing the game and selecting "Disband Convoy" from the Home menu.


Recruited Drivatars can take part in impromptu races in the freeroam career by opening ANNA, selecting "Convoy", and selecting "Start a Race".

Convoy races will set a finish line either at some point along their set waypoint's route or to a random location.


Seek and Destroy - Costs 1 Skill Point

"Drivatars will look for secrets and help you discover collectables while in a Convoy."

Me and My Friends - Costs 1 Skill Point

"Get in a Convoy and get noticed. Earn 10% more XP from Skills while in a Convoy."


  • Eat My Dust (10G) - Complete 10 Convoy Races.
  • Got Ourselves a Convoy (10G) - Convoy for a total of 100 miles.