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FH3 DriftZone

Introduced in Forza Horizon 3, a Drift Zone, similar to a Speed Zone, is a specific section of a road flanked by turquoise Drift Zone flags through which the player can drift their car. There are three target scores; beating the highest target score awards all three stars (★★★) for that drift zone and marks it as complete.

Tips / Warnings

  • Using a rear-wheel-drive car is recommended for Drift Zones, especially if it is equipped with a drift tune. It is also best if it's front-engined or rear-engined, as front-engined/rear-engined cars drift better than mid-engined ones.
  • Disable TCR and STM before attempting a Drift Zone so that the possible amount of points gained is very high.
    • Even better, change the Steering type to "Simulation", but be careful, as making one mistake can cause a 180° spinout or exit and fail the Drift Zone. "Simulation" steering is a lot more unforgiving than "Normal" steering.
  • Approaching one end of the Drift Zone at a good enough speed and entering it in a drift is recommended.
  • Going off the road (past the flags) will cause you to fail the Drift Zone.
    • The same occurs if you go the wrong way after starting the Drift Zone. Rewinding after entering a Drift Zone will fail the Drift Zone too.
  • An inexperienced drifter should expect lots of rewinds while trying to perfect a Drift Zone.
  • Always enter the Drift Zone when the road is clear of traffic and Drivatars. Traffic vehicles and Drivatars can be disruptive to drifts.


  • Some of the three-star target scores were reduced in the October 14, 2016 update.
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