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Drone Mode in Forza Horizon 3.

Drone Mode is a viewing mode featured in Forza Horizon 3.

Forza Horizon 3

Unlockable for one Skill Point at the Skill Shop, Drone Mode allows players to view the action or area in a new way: via a flying drone. The drone can be moved around with the left stick, with the camera changeable with the right stick, and the drone's elevation changeable with the left trigger or right trigger. Left and right on the D-pad cycle the radio station, while the window button hides the UI, the right bumper speeds up the drone's speed, and the B button exits Drone Mode. If in Online Freeroam or Co-Op Campaign, pressing up or down on the D-pad toggles the display of the Horizon Group on and off.

In Drone Mode, the player can use a drone to fly around the area and discover secrets, such as new routes, Bucket List Challenges, collectables, PR Stunts, and even Barn Find locations.

When in Drone Mode, the player's vehicle is automatically put in park gear, meaning the vehicle stands still, but the vehicle may be moved around by either being on steep slopes or by being pushed around by other Drivatars that happen to crash into it.

Drone Mode cannot be accessed while in an event, a Bucket List Challenge, or an Online Adventure.

As of the February 2017 Content Update, it is now possible to stabilize the drone by pressing the right bumper when stationary, halting the roving movement of the drone and putting the camera to a standstill.