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Forza Horizon has the inclusion of two unique types of collectibles found within it's world.

Upgrade Signs

Upgrade signs are small, purple rectangular signs that say "upgrades" across them with a picture of Dak's face. hitting one of these signs destroys the sign and provides a 1% discount on upgrades for Dak's Garage. There are 100 in total, scattered throughout the map. Driving past these signs will mark them as pink pinpoints on your map if you don't destroy them and turn gray when they break. NPCs cannot break these signs.

Barn Finds

Main article: Barn Finds

Barn Finds are 9 cars that are unobtainable through the Autoshow and are only found when a rumor is circulated. You will hear from Ali over your earpiece that a rumor is circulated and a large opaque circle will appear on your map, indicating all potential sections of road where it could be. When found, Dak will greet you outside and will provide some monologue about the car. He takes this car back to his garage to be restored, and after some more driving around the open world or after completing an event, Dak will let you know the car is ready. Driving back to his garage and going to the Barn Finds menu gives you the option to add it to your garage, where once more Dak will express his admiration for the car and you have an option to view it in an Autovista-esque set before officially claiming the car. The list of all nine barn finds are: