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Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious is a standalone game based off of Forza Horizon 2 that was released on March 27, 2015 for Xbox One and Xbox 360. It was initially made available for free until April 10, 2015 on Xbox Live.[1]

Since October 1, 2018, following the end-of-life-status of Forza Horizon 2, it can be no longer purchased from the Microsoft Store.[2]


The Fast & Furious edition has a separate career mode from Forza Horizon 2, that centers around the player acquiring ten cars from the 2015 action movie Furious 7 for the Fast & Furious crew.

It also included new collectables, 25 new achievements worth 1000 and 25 new achievements worth 1000 and the music from the movie composed by Brian Tyler, exclusively for the Showcase events.


Main article: Forza Horizon 2 Presents: Fast & Furious/Cars

Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious features 10 new licensed cars from the movie. In addition, eight other cars can be driven by the player only during Bucket List events.

The remaining cars appear as AI opponents.


  • The trailer of the title features the song "Now" by Bassnectar featuring Rye Rye.
  • On October 14, 2015, the Fast & Furious Car Pack was released for Forza Horizon 2 that features nine cars from the entire Fast & Furious franchise.
  • In the Xbox 360 version, across all regions, the cutscene audio language is only in English, while the gameplay audio language is set to the same language as the console's selected language in any of the 10 supported languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazillian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Japanese). This is because of a refference of some Forza games, from Forza Motorsport 4 to Forza Motorsport 6, always have cutscene audio language in English while gameplay audio language is set to the console's selected language, unlike the first two Forza Horizon games, where the audio language is English in some regions, like North America for example.




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