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Online Adventure is a multiplayer mode in Forza Horizon 3 that is made up of a championship with four events for up to 12 players.

Players participate in a championship made up of four events, of which they can be either races or playground games, to earn XP through their driving ability and finishing position.

Credit rewards are given as prizes upon the completion of the fourth event with the final standing being based on the amount of XP each player has earned.


Events featured in a championship can include both racing and playground games, but players can choose to enter matchmaking for a specific selection of event types.

  • Online Adventure - Any racing or playground game event.
  • Custom Adventure
    • Racing only - Only racing events.
    • Games only - Only playground game events.
    • Collisions off racing only - Only racing events with no player collision


At the start of an Online Adventure session, players are given three possible championships to vote on. Each of the three championships shown has a listed festival site, maximum performance rating allowed, its four event types, and the number of votes it has received.

Players have 40 seconds to vote on their preferred championship, and the championship with the most votes at the end of timer will be selected for the next Online Adventure.

Once a championship has been selected, players currently driving a vehicle that does not match the required performance rating will be given 30 seconds to select another suitable vehicle they own or borrow from Horizon Car Rental.


Each event has a start location that players can compete against each other to reach first before a timer runs out. Reaching the start location before the timer runs out will reward the player with XP points based on the distance they have had to travel to reach the event.

The player's finishing position and overall driving ability during an event will provide the largest amount of XP towards their championship standing, but banking large skills will also provide additional XP.


FH3 Circuit Icon.png Circuit FH3 Descent Icon.png Descent FH3 Sprint Icon.png Sprint
FH3 CrossCountry Icon.png Cross Country FH3 HillClimb Icon.png Hill Climb FH3 Street Icon.png Street Race
FH3 CrossCountryCircuit Icon.png Cross Country Circuit FH3 Scramble Icon.png Scramble FH3 Trail Icon.png Trail


FH3 FlagRush Icon.png Flag Rush FH3 Infection Icon.png Infected FH3 King Icon.png King


Players are given credits (CR) based on their championship standing at the end of the fourth event, and a higher position will reward a greater amount of credits (CR).

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