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The Skill Shop allows players to unlock perks benefitting their role as festival boss or improving their skill combos and unlock instant rewards consisting of experience points, additional credits and Horizon Wheelspins.

Each perk requires the player to earn a minimum of skill points from skill chains and often require other perks to be unlocked before it can be purchased by skill points. The Festival Boss and Skills categories include four perks that can be purchased multiple times and will be depleted after usage. In addition, each category features a perk that unlocks a vehicle that is unavailable in the Autoshow.

Festival Boss

Perk Reward Required Unlock Cost
Street Racer 25% more CR in Head-to-Head races Bounty Drivatars 1
Bounty Drivatars Bounty Drivatars (4x CR reward) Drone Mode 1
Drone Mode Drone Mode Two festival sites 1
Hot Lap Fever 10% more CR for beating a rival in Rivals mode Drone Mode 1
Daily Double 2x more CR for drivatars in other player's festivals Hot Lap Fever 1
Celebrity 50% more CR for Drivatar races Street Racer or Influence 2
Influence Double destination vote Bounty Drivatars, Celebrity or Horn Import 2
Horn Import More car horn sounds Drone Mode 2
Community Hero 20% more CR for Bucket List events Hot Lap Fever, Horn Import or Expert Curator 2
Expert Curator 25% more CR for Paint and Tuning downloads Daily Double or Community Hero 2
Bounty Hunter Highlighted Bounty Drivatars Celebrity or Join the Club 3
Join the Club 10% more club XP in Online Adventures Influence, Bounty Hunter or Horizon Promo 3
Horizon Promo Horizon Promo Horn Import, Join the Club or Syndicate 3
Syndicate 10% more CR from the club league Community Hero, Horizon Promo or Rare Horn Import 3
Rare Horn Import More car horn sounds Expert Curator or Syndicate 3
Fast Travel Anywhere Service Fast traveling to festivals Bounty Hunter or Headliners 15
Headliners More credits, XP and fans by Drivatar lineup Join the Club, Fast Travel Anywhere Service or In the Fast Lane 10
In the Fast Lane 10% more XP for any race event Horizon Promo, Headliners or Dealership Discount 5
Dealership Discount 10% discount on upgrades Syndicate, In the Fast Lane or Spin it Again 5
Spin it Again Horizon Wheelspin purchases (excl. VIP benefits) Rare Horn Import or Dealership Discount 5
Double Won Double CR reward for the next fan race event Fast Travel Anywhere Service or Hot Lap Hero 10
Hot Lap Hero 4x more credits for beating a rival in Rivals mode Headliners, Double Won or Exec Wheels 10
Exec Wheels 2013 Bentley Continental Speed In the Fast Lane, Hot Lap Hero or Pull Rank 20
Pull Rank Pole position start in four races (singleplayer) Dealership Discount, Exec Wheels or Champion 10
Champion 30% more CR in 1 Championship (singleplayer) Spin it Again or Pull Rank 10


Perk Reward Required Unlock Cost
Me And My Friends 10% more XP in convoys Risk Taker 1
Risk Taker 10% more XP for Near Miss skills Me And My Friends or Horizon Skill Song 1
Horizon Skill Song Skill songs Two festival sites 1
Behind You 10% more XP for Drafting skills Horizon Skill Song or Seek and Destroy 1
Seek and Destroy Drivatars in convoys will highlight collectibles Behind You 1
Escape Artist +1s ghost state duration (Capture The Flag) Me And My Friends or Passing the Pack 2
Passing the Pack 20% more XP for Pass skills Risk Taker, Addicted to Destruction or Escape Artist 2
Addicted to Destruction 10% more XP for Wreckage skills Horizon Skill Song, Passing the Pack or Ghost King 2
Ghost King +2s ghost state duration after becoming the king Unlock Behind You, Addicted to Destruction or Immune System 2
Immune System +15s ghost state duration (Infected) Seek and Destroy or Ghost King 2
Love Tap 500% more XP for Drift Tap skills Escape Artist or Pilot Wings 3
Pilot Wings 20% more XP for Air skills Passing the Pack, Love Tap or Drift Star 3
Drift Star 10% more XP for E-Drift and Drift skills Addicted To Destruction, Pilot Wings or Radio Star 3
Radio Star More frequent skill songs Unlock Ghost King, Drift Star or Wombo Combo 3
Wombo Combo 10% more XP for Combination skills Immune System or Radio Star 3
Skill Shortcut 2x skill multiplier increase rate Love Tap or Hang On 5
Hang On +1s skill chain duration Unlock Pilot Wings, Skill Shortcut or Skill Boss 5
Skill Boss 25% more XP for skills in freeroam mode Drift Star, Hang On or It's Not Easy Being Clean 5
It's Not Easy Being Clean 100% more XP for Clean Racing skills Radio Star, Skill Boss or Skill Legend 5
Skill Legend 6x combo multiplier Wombo Combo or It's Not Easy Being Clean 5
The XP Bump 3x skill XP for three campaign races Skill Shortcut or Taking Requests 10
Taking Requests Play a skill song Unlock Hang On, The XP Bump or When in Rome 10
When in Rome 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera Skill Boss, Taking Requests or Made To Order 30
Made to Order 5% Autoshow discount on the next purchase It's Not Easy Being Clean, When in Rome or Mechanic 10
Mechanic 1 free upgrade checkout Skill Legend or Made to Order 10

Instant Rewards

Perk Reward Required Unlock Cost
Push Your Luck 1 Horizon Wheelspin Local Hero 1
Local Hero 15.000 XP Relocation Bonus 1
Relocation Bonus 25.000 CR Two festival sites 1
Magazine Spot 15.000 XP Relocation Bonus 1
Fingers Crossed 1 Horizon Wheelspin Magazine Spot 1
Australian Hero 20.000 XP Push Your Luck or Summer Bonus 2
Summer Bonus 30.000 CR Local Hero, Australian Hero or I Feel The Need 2
I Feel The Need 20.000 XP Relocation Bonus, Summer Bonus or Cash Injection 2
Cash Injection 30.000 CR Magazine Bonus, I Feel The Need or Radio Spot 2
Radio Spot 20.000 XP Fingers Crossed or Cash Injection 2
Sponsorship Deal 50.000 CR Australian Hero or Boss Of The People 3
Boss Of The People 25.000 XP Summer Bonus, Sponsorship Deal, or Lucky Hit 3
Lucky Hit 1 Horizon Wheelspin I Feel The Need, Boss Of The People or Worldwide Hero 3
Worldwide Hero 25.000 XP Cash Injection, Lucky Hit or Household Name 3
Household Name 50.000 CR Radio Spot or Worldwide Hero 3
TV Spot 30.000 XP Sponsorship Deal or International Superstar 5
International Superstar 100.000 CR Boss Of The People, TV Spot or Level Up 5
Level Up 30.000 XP Lucky Hit, International Superstar or Money Magnet 5
Money Magnet 100.000 CR Worldwide Hero, Level Up or Annual Bonus 5
Annual Bonus 30.000 XP Household Name or Money Magnet 5
Spinball Wizard 1 Horizon Wheelspin TV Spot or Hot Prospect 10
Hot Prospect 40.000 XP International Superstar, Spinball Wizard or Small Wonder 10
Small Wonder 1965 Mini Cooper S Level Up, Hot Prospect or Experienced 10
Experienced 40.000 XP Money Magnet, Small Wonder or Prize Time 10
Prize Time 1 Horizon Wheelspin Annual Bonus or Experienced 10


  • Players earn more skill points by purchasing Skills perks which in turn can help them earn more points to spend for other categories.
  • Vehicles from the Skill Shop can be won in Horizon Wheelspins and purchased in the Auction House.