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Skills are driving stunts that reward players experience points upon successful completion. Skills can be initiated in any game mode and will be multiplied if chained with other skills (up to a normal multiplier of x5.0; with Perks, this can be taken up to x6.0), but will vanish if the player becomes involved in a heavy collision, chooses to rewind, or has their car position reset for any reason.

Players earn skill points after accumulating a certain amount of points gained by skill chains, which may be spent for unlocking perks in the Skill Shop that will increase the amount of points for certain skill stunts. Driving a Horizon Edition vehicle in singleplayer mode or performing stunts during a skill song will also allow the player gain skill points more quickly.

In certain game modes including Bucket Lists, Drift Zones and Forzathon events, players must earn a minimum total points gained by skill chains or perform multiple instances of a certain skill stunt.

The Hot Wheels Expansion introduced new skills, including Hot Wheels variations of Air, Drift, and Speed skills.


Skill Pre-requisite Points
Standard Great Awesome Ultimate
Air Perform a jump 100/120 150/180 250/300 500/600
Auto-Immune Near Miss an infected player 500
Banked Section Pass through a Banked Section track piece ? ? ? ?
Burnout Spin a car's wheels whilst being stationary 100 150 250 500
FH Skill General.png Clean Racing Complete a race section without a heavy collision 100/200 200/400 500/1,000 1,000/2,000
Corkscrew Pass through a Corkscrew track piece ? ? ? ?
Crown Lover Hold onto the crown in King for an entire minute 5,000
Drafting Follow the slipstream of an opponent 100/120 150/165 250/275 500/550
Drift Perform a drift 100/110 150/275 250/550 500/1,100
E-Drift Initiate a drift by using the e-brake 100/110 150/275 250/550 500/1,100
Hot Wheels Stunt Pass through a stunt track piece ? ? ? ?
J Turn Perform a quick 180° direction change from driving in reverse 100 150 250 500
Loop-the-Loop Pass through a Loop-the-Loop track piece successfully 250 500 750 1,000
Near Miss Pass a non-racing vehicle closely at high speed 100/110 150/275 250/550 500/1,100
One Eighty Perform a quick 180° direction change 100 150 250 500
Pass Overtake a racing opponent closely at high speed 100/120 150/180 250/300 500/600
Royal Pardon Near Miss another player as the King 500
FH Skill General.png Skill Chain Perform multiple skills in succession 1,000/1,100 1,000/1,100 1,000/1,100 1,000/1,100
Speed Drive at high speed (at least 100 mph (161 km/h)) for a prolonged period of time 100 150 250 500/1,000
Speed Boost Activate any Speed Boost platform 500
Trading Paint Tap another vehicle 50
Two Wheels Drive on two wheels 100 200 500 1,000
Upside Down Pass through an Upside Down track piece ? ? ? ?
Wreckage Smash through a breakable item 100/110 150/165 250/275 500/550


Skill Pre-requisite Points
FH Skill Airborne.png Airborne Pass Perform an Air and Pass skill at the same time 1,000/1,200
FH Skill Crash.png Crash Landing Perform an Air and Wreckage skill in quick succession 1,000/1,100
FH Skill Ebisu.png Ebisu Style Perform a Great Air skill or better and land into a Great Drift skill or better 1,000/1,100
FH Skill Charger.png Hard Charger Perform a Burnout and Speed skill in quick succession without braking 1,000/1,100
FH Skill Lucky.png Lucky Escape Perform a Drift and Near Miss skill at the same time 1,000/1,100
FH Skill Showoff.png Showoff Perform a Pass and Drift skill at the same time 1,000/1,100
FH Skill Slingshot.png Slingshot Perform a Drafting and Pass skill in quick succession 1,000/1,100
FH Skill Stuntman.png Stuntman Perform an Air and Near Miss skill at the same time 1,000/1,100


Skill Pre-requisite Points
FH Skill Barrel.png Barrel Roll Perform a complete sideways airborne flip and land without crashing 1,000
FH Skill General.png Clean Start! Start a race without colliding with any opponents or scenery 2,000/4,000
FH Skill Daredevil.png Daredevil Perform multiple Near Miss skills in quick succession 1,000/1,100
Drift Tap Tap a wall whilst performing a Drift skill 1,000/6,000
FH Skill General.png Fruit Salad Wreck the banana sign 1,000/1,100
Hot Wheels Air Perform an Air Skill greater than Ultimate Air on any Hot Wheels road 1,000/1,200
Hot Wheels Drift Perform a Drift Skill greater than Ultimate Drift on any Hot Wheels road 1,500/1,650
Hot Wheels Speed Perform a Speed Skill greater than Ultimate Speed on any Hot Wheels road 1,500
FH Skill Landscaping.png Landscaping Perform multiple Wreckage skills with fences in quick succession 1,000/1,100
FH Skill General.png Lumberjack Smash through a tree stump 1,000/1,100
FH Skill Kangaroo.png Kangaroo Perform three Air skills in quick succession 1,000/1,100
FH Skill Sideswipe.png Sideswipe Tap an object from the side 1,000/1,100
FH Skill Snowman.png Snowman Smash through a snowman 1,000/1,100
FH Skill Needle.png Threading the Needle Pass two non-racing vehicles from both sides at high speed 1,000/1,100
FH Skill Trashman.png Trashman Knock over a garbage bin 1,000/1,100
FH Skill Triple.png Triple Pass Overtake three opponents in quick succession 1,000/1,100
FH Skill Wrecking.png Wrecking Ball Perform multiple Wreckage skills in quick succession 1,000/1,100


  • Daredevil and Threading the Needle skills are easier to obtain on highways.
  • Air-related skills can be easily earned within the sand dune area in the Outback setting.
  • Players are more likely to gain higher positions in online championships by repeating the Clean Racing skill often.
  • Points from lost skill chains are counted in Drift Zones.
  • Players lose an ongoing skill chain if they enter or exit an online session.
  • Speed Boost platforms are not activated at speeds above 250 mph (402 km/h).
  • The Speed Boost skill always starts a Skill Chain, regardless of how many seconds have passed after the player's Skill Chain has been broken.