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Horizon Backstage in Forza Horizon 4 is a roster of exclusive cars available to be redeemed by players using passes, and was introduced with Update 28 on October 13, 2020. The selection of cars on offer is derived from the winners of weekly community votes.

Players can access the Horizon Backstage by driving to its location behind the Mainstage at the UK Horizon Festival, selecting "Horizon Backstage" under "Autoshow" at the Autoshow or any owned homes, or by selecting "Horizon Backstage" under "Cars" in the pause menu.


Within the Horizon Backstage, players will find a roster of cars they can acquire with passes. Any car listed can be redeemed with a pass but are limited to a single car per player.


HorizonBackstage Pass.png

Passes are rewarded by completing milestones through the Festival Playlist and a single pass can be used to redeem any car listed backstage.

Players can accumulate multiple passes and are not required to use them as they have no expiration.


HOR XB1 Ford 25 Mustang.png
2018 Ford
#25 RTR Mustang
November 19, 2020 S1871
HOR XB1 HW Twin Mill.png
1969 Hot Wheels
Twin Mill
November 12, 2020 S1821
HOR XB1 Hudson Hornet.png
1952 Hudson
November 5, 2020 D305
HOR XB1 Pontiac GTO 65.png
1965 Pontiac
October 29, 2020 C514
HOR XB1 Nissan Fairlady 94.png
1994 Nissan
Fairlady Z Version S Twin Turbo
October 21, 2020 B655
HOR XB1 TVR Tuscan.png
2001 TVR
Tuscan S
October 20, 2020 A747
HOR XB1 Honda Civic 18.png
2018 Honda
Civic Type R
October 19, 2020 A745
HOR XB1 Porsche 914.png
1970 Porsche
October 18, 2020 D408
HOR XB1 HW Ford Mustang FH4.png
2005 Hot Wheels
Ford Mustang
October 17, 2020 S1841
HOR XB1 Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 Ford Mustang.png
1965 Hoonigan
Gymkhana 10 Ford Hoonicorn Mustang
October 16, 2020 S2985
HOR XB1 Ferrari 599XX 12.png
2012 Ferrari
599XX Evolution
October 15, 2020 S2979
HOR XB1 Lotus Elise 99.png
1999 Lotus
Elise Series 1 Sport 190



Series Requirement Reward
Series 29 Reach 50% series completion 1 Pass
Series 28 Reach 50% series completion 1 Pass


Series Nominees Winner
Series 29 (Summer) Quartz Regalia vs. BMW Z4 '19
Series 28 (Spring) BMW M3-GTR vs. #25 Mustang RTR #25 Mustang RTR
Series 28 (Winter) Twin Mill vs. Bone Shaker Twin Mill
Series 28 (Autumn) Hudson Hornet vs. Plymouth Fury Hudson Hornet
Series 28 (Summer) Pontiac GTO '65 vs. M-B 280 SL Pontiac GTO '65
Series 27 (Oct 21, 2020) Prelude '94 vs. Fairlady Z '94 Fairlady Z '94
Series 27 (Oct 20, 2020) TVR Tuscan vs. Mosler MT900S TVR Tuscan
Series 27 (Oct 19, 2020) DS 3 Racing '11 vs. Honda Civic '18 Honda Civic '18
Series 27 (Oct 18, 2020) Chevelle '67 vs. Porsche 914/6 Porsche 914/6
Series 27 (Oct 17, 2020) HW Mustang vs. Hoonigan RS200 HW Mustang
Series 27 (Oct 16, 2020) Hoonicorn V2 vs. Hoonigan Fiesta Hoonicorn V2
Series 27 (Oct 15, 2020) 911 GT3 RS '19 vs. Ferrari 599XX E Ferrari 599XX E
Series 27 (Oct 13, 2020) Update 28 Lotus Elise Sport
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