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Skills is a Horizon Life progression mode in Forza Horizon 4 that can be leveled up by accumulating Skill Points from driving stunts and accumulating Car Mastery perk purchases from Skill Points.


A Skill is a driving stunt that awards players Skill Points upon successful completion. Skills can be initiated in any game mode, but will vanish if the player becomes involved in a heavy collision, chooses to rewind or has their car position reset. They can be triggered individually, in combination with other Skills or through interaction with objects.

Extraordinary individually triggered Skills such as a particularly high Air Skill or long Drift Skill award more points that are classed in Great, Awesome and Ultimate levels, with the latter awarding the best Skills with the highest amount of points. Skill chains are awarded with a score multiplier that can be increased up to five as maximum without any perks.

Players can use Forza Edition cars with Skill boosts for bonus points, but may also raise point rewards for certain Skills or raise the multiplier limit by purchasing their respective Car Mastery perks that are permanently applied to a car.


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Skill Unlock Points
Air Perform a jump 100
Burnout Spin your car's wheels from a stationary position without drifting (only on asphalt) 100
Clean Racing Complete a race section without a heavy collision 100
Drafting Follow the slipstream of an opponent 100
Drift Perform a drift 100
E-Drift Initiate a drift by using the e-brake 100
J Turn Drive in reverse, then flip your car 180° to transition into driving normally 100
Near Miss Pass a non-racing vehicle closely at high speed 100
One Eighty Perform a quick 180° direction change 100
Pass Overtake a racing opponent closely at high speed 100
Skill Chain Perform multiple skills in succession 100
Speed Drive at a high speed 100
Trade Paint Graze the side of a vehicle 50
Two Wheels Drive on two wheels 100
Wreckage Smash through a breakable item 100


Skill Unlock Points
Airborne Pass Perform an Air and Pass skill at the same time 1,000
Crash Landing Perform an Air and Wreckage skill in quick succession 1,000
Ebisu Style Perform a Great Air skill or better and land into a Great Drift skill or better 1,000
Lucky Escape Perform a Drift and Near Miss skill at the same time 1,000
Showoff Perform a Pass and Drift skill at the same time 1,000
Sideswipe Perform a Wreckage and Drift skill at the same time 1,000
Slingshot Perform a Drafting and Pass skill in quick succession 1,000
Stuntman Perform an Air skill immediately followed by a Near Miss skill on landing [1] 1,000


Skill Unlock Points
Barrel Roll Perform a complete sideways airborne flip and land without crashing 1,000
Binman Smash through a garbage bin 1,000
Clean Start! Complete the starting section of a race without collisions 2,000
Creamed Smash though an ice-cream sign at high speed 1,000
Daredevil Perform three Near Miss skills in quick succession 1,000
Drift Tap Lightly tap a wall or a non-racing vehicle while performing a Drift 1,000
Fruit Salad Smash through a fruit stand 1,000
Going Postal Smash through a mailbox 1,000
GOOOAAALLL Smash through a goal post 1,000
Hard Charger Perform a Burnout skill followed by a Speed skill within 30 seconds [2] 1,000
Howzat!! Smash through cricket stumps 1,000
Landscaping Smash through a fence 1,000
Lumberjack Smash through a stump or a tree log 1,000
Kangaroo Perform three Air skills in quick succession 1,000
Road Open Smash through an orange roadwork barrier 1,000
Snowman Smash through a snowman [3] 1,000
Speed Champions Launch from a boost ramp [4] 1,000
Threading the Needle Perform two Near Misses on both sides simultaneously [5] 1,000
Triple Pass Perform three Pass skills in quick succession [6] 1,000
TRY! Smash through rugby posts 1,000
Wrecking Ball Perform three Wreckage skills in quick succession 1,000
Wrong Number Smash through a phonebooth at high speed 1,000

Unique Rewards

  • Level 4 - Clothing: Skill Event Horizon Hoodie
  • Level 5 - Quickchat: Coming through!
  • Level 7 - Clothing: Keep Calm Tank Top
  • Level 8 - Quickchat: Show me your moves!
  • Level 10 - Quickchat: BWWAAAAHH!!!
  • Level 11 - Quickchat: Party on!
  • Level 13 - Quickchat: Like a glove
  • Level 16 - Quickchat: Nailed it!


  1. Peforming a Near Miss while still in midair doesn't seem to work.
  2. It doesn't have to be in the same skill chain.
  3. Winter only, obviously.
  4. Lego Valley DLC only.
  5. Usually achieved by passing between two non-racing vehicles driving close to each other, but on high enough speeds you can achieve Threading the Needle even if the two vehicles are far apart, as long as the two Near Miss skills are from different sides, and earned in a very quick succession.
  6. The passes should be earned in succession, not simultaneously (such as passing a crash pile).