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Update 10, also known as Series 10, is the tenth major content update for Forza Horizon 4 released on June 4, 2019.

Notable additions from this update include the #LEGO Speed Champions expansion, Star Card game mode that adds 31 long-term challenges to track the player's Horizon Life progress and various Festival Playlist improvements such as fast travelling to seasonal events.

The car roster has been expanded with the addition of the 2019 Rimac C_Two and various cars returning from Forza Horizon 3.[1]

LEGO Speed Champions

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Star Card Challenges

  • Six Masteries with 31 challenges and rewards
    • Racing
    • PR Stunts
    • Exploration
    • Creating Content
    • Stories
    • Adventures

Festival Playlist


Summer Season

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Autumn Season

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Winter Season

Main article: Forza Horizon 4/Update 10/Winter Season

Spring Season

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Patch Notes

Main article: Forza_Horizon_4/Update_History#June_4.2C_2019
  • Known Issues
    • We are aware of a few issues that occur with the new Star Card feature
    • Some of the stats may not show as complete, despite having reached or exceeding the required target. A reboot of the title will fix this issue.
    • If players have discovered all roads on both the main land, and Fortune Island, the road stat will show an incorrect total number of roads driven. This will be addressed in a new update shortly.
    • Showcases won, and Showcase Remixes won will show as 0 for all players. This is due to the stat not being properly tracked previously. There is no way to rectify this. Players will have to re-race these events to increment these statistics and complete these categories.
    • This also applies to earnings from Businesses. Only earnings from this CU onward will count towards this stat.
    • Seasonal Events and Seasonal Championships will only count towards their respective stats for any completed since Festival Pass went live, in Series 6 (12th Feb).
    • The Head to head stat will only count head to heads won since Fortune Island was released (13th Dec).
  • New Features
    • Star Card
      • This update adds a new feature called Star Card. Become a Horizon Superstar by completing 31 long-term Star Card challenges. Unlock Flairs for your GamerTag and show off your mastery of Racing, PR Stunts, Exploration, Creating Content, Stories and Adventures.
    • Festival Playlist Improvements
      • You can now start matchmaking for Seasonal Playground Games and The Trial directly from the Festival Playlist screen (via the Pause Menu).
      • When checking the list of eligible cars for a Seasonal Championship, the game now correctly includes cars that are eligible even if they can't be purchased from the Autoshow.
  • Cross Platform Fixes
    • Fixed an exploit which allowed players to use Route Blueprint to earn a large number of Skill Points very quickly with very little effort.
    • Fixed an issue in Private adventures where players who borrowed the leader’s car were put into a completely different car.
    • Various stability improvements
  • PC Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where the screen becomes blurry when zooming with a mouse wheel in a photo mode.
  • Xbox Fixes
    • No Xbox-specific fixes


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