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The Autumn Season of the Update 7: "Festival Playlist" was held from March 21, 2019 at 2:30 pm (UTC) to March 28, 2019 at 2:30 pm (UTC).

Players must complete any event and any Forzathon challenge to earn progress within the season, which will be marked in gold upon completion.

The Ford #25 RTR Mustang was awarded for a 50% Season Completion, while the Pontiac GTO was awarded for a 80% Season Completion.


Event Event Type Reward
Blistering Speed The Trial Super Wheelspin
Autumn Games - Series 7 Seasonal Playground Games Golden Cowboy Hat
Leap of Faith Seasonal PR Stunt (Danger Sign) Super Wheelspin
Strathbridge Seasonal PR Stunt (Speed Zone) Super Wheelspin
Back Lane Seasonal PR Stunt (Drift Zone) Super Wheelspin
Don't Need Roads Seasonal Championship Wheelspin
Rail Yard Rumble Seasonal Championship DS 3 Racing
All Fall Down Seasonal Championship Wheelspin
Edinburgh Station Circuit Monthly Rivals (Post a clean lap to complete)
Online Adventure Series 7 (Qualify to complete)


The Forzathon event for the Series 7 Autumn Season features the "Crash N' Splash" Weekly Challenge for Extreme Offroad cars and seven Daily Challenges with Skill objectives.

Weekly Challenge: "Crash N' Splash"

The Weekly Challenge starts with Chapter 1 and is progressed consecutively. It awards 200 Forzathon Points upon completion.

Chapter 1 - Titanic Sometimes, bigger IS better! Own and drive any Extreme Offroad vehicle. Be careful where you park that thing!
Chapter 2 - Splash Zone Let's see what this beast can do. Complete 5 Cross Country Series Events in your Extreme Offroad vehicle.
Chapter 3 - Untameable Wrangle your Extreme Offroad vehicle into getting a 2 star score or better in any Speed Zone!
Chapter 4 - Avatar of Wrath Time to leave your mark on the world! Get 10 Ultimate Wreckage Skills in your Extreme Offroad vehicle.

Daily Challenges

Each day of the Season adds a new Daily Challenge that awards 20 Forzathon Points upon completion.

Day Challenge Unlock
#1 Flight Manoeuvres Combine Air and Pass Skills to earn 2 Airborne Pass Skills
#2 Hot Licks Earn 3 Ultimate Drafting Skills
#3 Tally-Ho Closely overtake while racing to earn 1 Ultimate Pass Skill
#4 Cream Crackered Earn 2 Great Wreckage Skills
#5 The General Earn 3 Air Skills
#6 Close Shave Earn 1 Near Miss Skill
#7 Drift Formula Earn 2 stars or better in any Drift Zone

Forzathon Shop

  • RTR Fun Haver Blue Tops (Legendary Tops) - 150 FP
  • Ice Cream Van Car Horn (Epic Horn) - 250 FP
  • Aston Martin DBR1 (Legendary Car) - 650 FP
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