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The Autumn Season introduced as part of Update 8: "Drift Adventure" is held from April 18, 2019 at 2:30 pm (UTC) to April 25, 2019 at 2:30 pm (UTC).

Players must complete any event and any Forzathon challenge to earn progress within the season, which will be marked in gold upon completion.

The Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione is awarded for a 50% Season Completion, while the Mercedes-Benz 280 SL is awarded for an 80% Season Completion.


Event Event Type Reward
Roll With A Vantage The Trial Trial Leather Jacket
Forest Sprite Showcase Remix

Super Wheelspin

Autumn Games Seasonal Playground Games Wheelspin
Peak Moor Seasonal PR Stunt Super Wheelspin
Mam Tor Seasonal PR Stunt (Danger Sign) Super Wheelspin
Lakeshore Seasonal PR Stunt Super Wheelspin
Autumn Community Championship Seasonal Championship Silver Waistcoat
Glen Rannoch Retro Rally Seasonal Championship 100,000 CR
Bad To The Bone Seasonal Championship Plymouth Fury
Ambleside Scramble Monthly Rivals (Post a clean lap to complete)
Online Adventure Series 8 (Qualify to complete)


The Forzathon event for the Series 8 Autumn Season features the "Play Time" Weekly Challenge for Track Toys cars and seven Daily Challenges with Skill and event objectives.

Weekly Challenge: "Play Time"

The Weekly Challenge starts with Chapter 1 and is progressed consecutively. It awards 200 Forzathon Points upon completion.

Chapter 1 - Fist Bump Own and drive any Track Toy vehicle
Chapter 2 - Mic Drop Make it look easy by earning a total of 12 stars from Speed Zones in your Track Toy
Chapter 3 - Parkour Your Track Toy's speed and agility are perfect ingredients for scoring big! See what you can do by earning a total of 1 million Skill Score
Chapter 4 - Time Attack Put in some hot laps and take home the gold by winning 3 Road Racing Circuit events in your Track Toy

Daily Challenges

Each day of the Season features a new Daily Challenge that awards 20 Forzathon Points upon completion.

Day Challenge Unlock
#1 Speed Addict Earn 4 in total from Speed Traps
#2 Steeplechaser Earn 3 stars at any Danger Sign
#3 Shakedown Complete a Dirt Trial event
#4 Top Fuel Win 2 Drag Strip events
#5 Pole Vaulter Earn 2 Air Skills
#6 You Wreck Me Earn 1 Wrecking Ball Skill
#7 White Knuckle Ride Earn 1 Awesome Near Miss Skill

Forzathon Shop

  • See Me Whip (Epic Emote) - ? FP
  • Classic Top Hat (Epic Clothing) - ? FP
  • Maserati Levante S (Rare Car) - 700 FP
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