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May 2019

May 15, 2019

  • Cross-Platform Fixes
    • This update provides a refund for Car Mastery points lost due to a previous issue. On accessing the Pause Menu for the first time, Players will see a message indicating how many points have been refunded. Refunded Car Mastery points are available when accessing the Car Mastery screen for a car. Please be aware that players with more than 999 Car Mastery points on hand will not earn more until they have spent enough points to go below 999.

May 7, 2019

Main article: Forza Horizon 4/Update Nine
  • New Features
    • Online Adventure Anti Griefing Measures
      • This update adds two new features designed to reduce griefing behavior and wall-riding in Ranked and Quickplay Online Racing Adventure. Players who slide along walls to attempt to corner will have a slowdown applied to their cars for a short period of time. The system will ghost players when a high difference in speed is detected. The faster car will now be ghosted to reduce the number of high speed impacts, for example when players are too late on the brakes and fail to make the corner. This will also reduce occurrences of players intentionally colliding at high speed to force other players off the track.
    • New Story – THE CAR FILES
      • It’s time to join the exciting world of car insurance! Automotive Consultant Hans Liebold has set up shop in Bamburgh Village, and is looking for a business partner to help prove (or disprove) a range of peculiar insurance claims! This new Horizon Business adds 10 chapters of gameplay, and the ability to unlock the Crash Test Dummy morph-suit.
    • New Online Mode – CUSTOM ADVENTURE
      • Sign up for Custom Adventures, where you can freely select Car Class, Racing Series, Freeroam Rush and Collisions. Note that Custom Adventure only finds other players looking for exactly the same type of Adventure.
    • New Showcase Remix – NIGHT FLIGHT
      • Strap into a classic 80s speed machine, and race a jet black delta-wing at night.
  • Cross Platform Fixes
    • Fixed an issue which prevented Hats from appearing on the player character in open top vehicles
    • Fixed an issue where entering replays twice, would result in the player receiving no Credits or Influence
    • Added in a prompt when starting seasonal championships to ensure the correct difficulty is set to earn the top reward
    • Fixed an issue with the Koenigsegg Agera RS Audio becoming distorted after driving for an extended period of time
    • Fixed an issue where players were not able to see cars they had been awarded in their garage, only on event sign up
    • Fixed an issue where map slams for new activities would reset a player’s map filter settings
    • Fixed an issue where the Broadway Danger Sign PR Stunt wasn’t always activating or calculating distance properly
    • Fixed an issue where selecting a rivals event through My Rivals for an event on a different island would result in an infinite load
    • Fixed an issue in festival playlist where achieving exactly 80% wouldn’t show the Seasonal reward as achieved
    • Added more details to Map Pins for seasonal events, which will now show vehicle restrictions
    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to begin a Private Adventure in a convoy
    • Fixed an issue with the F150 Hoonitruck engine audio being incorrect
    • Various Stability improvements
  • Xbox-Specific Fixes
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the Treasure Hunt Location from spawning if the player had system notifications turned off.

April 2019

April 18, 2019

  • Cross-Platform Fixes
    • Remove Car Pass Welcome Back screen.
    • Fix to the ranked Drift Adventure series rewards UI to show progress and rewards earned.
  • Windows 10
    • Fixed an issue with Fred V & Grafix - Sunrise not being available on the Hospital Records radio station.

April 8, 2019

Main article: Forza Horizon 4/Update Eight
  • New Features
    • Online Adventure Changes
      • Online Adventure Championships have been updated:
        • S2 Class has been removed from Dirt Racing Championships.
        • B Class has been added to Dirt Racing Championships.
        • Freeroam Rush events have been removed from all Asphalt and Street Race Championships.
        • Collisions are disabled for the first 30 seconds of each race. This change also applies to Horizon Life PvP races.
    • Drift Adventure
      • An all-new Online Adventure game mode! Take part in three-race Drift Championships, where it’s not about how fast you can drive, it’s about how well you can drift!
      • Points are scored on asphalt only and are based on the angle and speed of your drift. You’ll have time to complete a few laps in each event, so don’t worry if you mess up the start, you still have every chance to win as only your best lap’s score goes up on the leaderboard.
      • Drift Adventure is available in both Quick Play and Ranked and can be accessed from the Online Adventure tab in the Pause Menu.
      • Earning a rank in Drift Adventure will check-off the Online Adventure requirement for Festival Playlist.
    • Drift Camera
      • To support the addition of Drift Adventure a new Drift Camera has been added. Enabled in the HUD and Gameplay Settings, Drift Camera adds dynamism to the cockpit camera so that your view pans towards the direction of travel. This means that even when you’re going sideways, you can still see where you’re going. There are an array of settings which allow you to tune the speed and severity of this option.
    • Showcase Remix
      • Series 8 introduces the FOREST SPRITE Showcase Remix! For a limited time only, you’ll be able to face-off against the Horizon Motocross team in autumn with a 1958 Austin-Healey Sprite Mk I, modified for off-roading. Remember: You need to complete the regular Showcase first before the remixed version is unlocked.
    • Barrett-Jackson Cars
      • The Barrett-Jackson Car Pack is available for separate purchase and is included as a free add-on for players who own the Forza Horizon 4 Car Pass. The vehicles of the Barrett-Jackson Car Pack are a veritable “who’s who” of collectible automobiles from decades past. From the hand-built 1932 Ford Custom Double Down to the sleek, race-ready 1963 Shelby Monaco King Cobra, these cars have been desired by drivers around the world since their introduction and now is your chance to experience them in Forza Horizon 4.
  • Cross-Platform Fixes
    • Fixed issue where opponent drivatars were showing as Level 1 in race results screen.
    • Changed Seasonal Playground Games to finish when one team reaches three, rather than having to complete all 5 events.
    • Added the ability to look at previous series in Festival Playlist.
    • Fixed an issue where turning Player Designs off in HUD and Gameplay options would not work correctly.
    • Fixed an issue where the ownership of the VIP house would be reset.
    • Various stability improvements.
  • PC Fixes
    • Fixed some instances of Error Code FH001 from happening.
    • Enabled car telemetry data to be output to external applications and motion sled devices.
  • Wheel Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where launching the game and then plugging in a wheel would cause 90 degrees of deadzone.

March 2019

March 26, 2019

  • Cross-Platform Fixes
    • Reduced the requirement to earn the top tier rewards in the Festival Playlist from 100% to 80%
    • Fixed some credit exploits when using route blueprint
    • Further edits to songs for ESRB requirements

March 12, 2019 "Festival Playlist"

Main article: Forza Horizon 4/Update Seven
  • New Features
    • Festival Playlist
      • The Series 7 update adds a new feature called Festival Playlist, starting in summer. The Playlist gives you a clear view of everything that’s going on at Horizon each Season and keeps track of everything you’ve done. Complete it all to earn some of Horizon’s most desirable rewards. This is an all-new way to play!
    • New Achievements
      • This update adds 18 new Achievements to Forza Horizon 4, worth a total of 500 gamerscore, which support the features added since launch. This includes the new Horizon Stories (British Racing Green, Isha’s Taxis, and Skill Streak), Free-for-All Adventure and Route Blueprint; plus Achievements for participating in #FORZATHON and completing seasonal content.
    • Showcase Remixes
      • We’ve added a twist to two of our most popular Showcase Events! For a limited time only during Series 7, you’ll be able to race against the Flying Scotsman in summer while driving a Ford Anglia in our NINE & THREE QUARTERS Showcase Remix, and veterans of UNSC Fleetcom’s Halo Experience can find a new challenge as the training exercise is re-run in winter, called the ASSAULT ON THE CONTROL ROOM Showcase Remix. You’ll need to complete the regular Showcases first to unlock the remixed versions.
  • Cross-Platform Fixes
    • Added 4 Trial Events to Fortune Island, one per season
    • Fixed an issue where “The Storm” by Notaker would never play on Bass Arena
    • Fixed an issue where some players were getting incorrectly banned from ranked Online Adventure
    • Fixed an issue whereby the player's car would sometimes rotate during pre-race loading sequences
    • Conditions for awarding influence from Mixer have been changed to favor active gameplay streams
    • Fixed an Achievement exploit whereby Route Blueprints could be used to obtain the "Better Get Krakken" and "Leviathan Slayer" Achievements in a way that wasn't intended
    • Fixed a Credits exploit when switching race type during Route Blueprint creation
    • Fixed an issue with the Character Customizer, where eye accessories would prevent hats from appearing
    • Fixed an issue whereby the Showcase Rivals tile was unavailable in the Pause Menu while on Fortune Island
    • Vinyls are now correctly applied to the front-left door of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR
    • Added missing cars to the "Upgrade Heroes" Car Theme when Blueprinting an Event
    • Fixed an issue with subtitles not playing correctly in Chapter 10 of Isha's Taxis
    • Car Pass owners are now able to use their Car Pass cars while offline
    • Various crash and stability improvements
  • Wheel Fixes
    • Fixed Fanatec Porsche 911 GTE inverted left and right paddles
    • Fixed Logitech G27 issue where the left and right paddles didn't work when browsing through tabs in the Pause Menu

February 2019

February 12, 2019 "Skill Streak!"

Main article: Forza Horizon 4/Update Six
  • New Features
    • Skill Streak
      • This update adds a new Horizon Story to the game, available at level 60, close to the Stone Circle. Jaimin needs to help with difficult problems like “What is the best SUV?” and “Just how fast can you drive an EB110 while NOT hitting anything?” and the question that has vexed the greatest thinkers throughout the ages “Just how much can you hoon in a railyard?”
    • Seasonal Playground Games
    • Seasonal Street Races
      • Street Scene joins the Seasonal event rotation with Street Race Seasonal Championships, offering great rewards, including Ken Block loot!
  • Cross-Platform Fixes
    • Various stability improvements
    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to access set up manager during from the pre-race menu of a solo event
    • Players in solo Horizon Stories can now see their score in the post-race flow
    • Fixed an issue where the British Racing Green UI would show the wrong targets for multiple chapters
    • Fixed an issue where the World’s Fastest Rentals UI would show the wrong targets for multiple chapters
    • Fixed an issue where the LaRacer @ Horizon UI would show the wrong targets for multiple chapters
    • Fixed an issue in Chapter 10 of Isha’s Taxis where convoy members were kicked back to freeroam after phase 1
    • Improved UI in all Horizon Stories, so now next available star target score is visible
    • Added functionality to view Horizon Story leader boards from the chapter select screen
    • Fixed an issue with a specific tune on the Horizon Edition Caterham that would cause graphical corruption of the vehicle
    • Improved AI behavior during custom routes
    • Fixed an issue where audio SFX would hang during gameplay
    • Fixed an issue where the tram in Edinburgh would appear to shake whilst moving
    • Fixed an issue where players were forced into using a super wheelspin upon leveling up if one was available
    • Fixed an issue where audio could be delayed when travelling to Fortune Island
    • Improved server migration times to help maintain fuller game servers
    • Fixed an issue where selecting a custom route from the creative hub via Rivals caused a hard lock
    • Fixed an issue where severely damaging the Hillman Imp would cause framerate issues
  • Wheel Fixes
    • Improved FFB by reducing the jolts coming from big load spikes when driving off road
  • PC Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where there was no music during the initial drive on Fortune Island

February 4, 2019

  • Storage Increase
    • The number of cars you can store in your Garage has increased to 750
    • The number of Designs you can store has increased to 500
    • The number of Vinyl Groups you can store has increased to 500
    • The number of Tuning Setups you can store has increased to 500
    • The number of photos you can store has increased to 150
  • Multiplayer Community Championships
    • Seasonal Championships featuring community-made routes can now be played in Co-Op and PvP.

January 2019

January 15, 2019 "Mitsubishi Returns!"

Main article: Forza Horizon 4/Update Five
  • New Features
    • Free-For-All Adventure
      • This update adds a brand-new way to play Online Adventure, where players compete individually. Available in both Ranked and Unranked modes, this new game mode can be found in the Online Adventure tab, replacing “Anything Goes”.
  • Cross Platform fixes
    • Added Racing Series, Creator and Title filters to Event Blueprint searching.
    • Added the ability to view all the eligible cars for a Trial or Seasonal Championship.
    • Resolved issue where Drivatar names could be duplicated in events.
    • Fixed issue where a certain tune on the Forza Edition Caterham would cause graphical issues.
    • Fixed a bug where changing units to metric caused issues with the route length indicator during route creation.
    • Fixed an issue where turning off rewind in difficulty menu would prevent users from being able to rewind during route creation.
    • Fixed an issue where disabling car lights would not also disable the reverse lights.
    • Fixed an issue where flipped or snapped elements on an imported livery would unflip if ungrouped.
    • Fixed visual issues caused by Santa outfit and Reindeer nose.
    • Prevented damage being applied to player car when restarting British Racing Green: Chapter 10.
    • Improved visibility of Street Race event finish lines.
    • Fixed issue where downloading your own design via Creative Hub or the curated designs menu would not allow you to edit it.
    • Fixed an issue where leaving and rejoining a convoy during a #Forzathon Live event would allow users to collide with each other when they shouldn’t.
    • Fixed an issue where passing through a Danger Sign twice in quick succession would cause all other PR stunts to stop working.
    • Fixed an issue where Drivatars could win a co-op Seasonal Championship, despite scoring fewer points.
    • Fixed an issue where the Speed Trap near the train bridge could be exploited.
    • Fixed an issue where invalid performance ranges could be displayed on event flyers.
    • Fixed an issue where player prestige level would not be shown in pre-race leaderboards in Online Adventure.
    • Improvements to stutters.
    • The ‘Carlton’ and ‘Floss’ avatar emotes are no longer available.
    • Various stability improvements.
  • Wheel Fixes
    • Fixed issue where Average Slip Damper was not working on wheels that required inverse FFB.
    • Fixed issue where center spring in FFB would remain on while in the air.
    • Fixed issue where spring effect would trigger when driving through water, even if set to OFF
    • Improved rumble and FFB feedback on wheels.
    • Fixed an issue with the UI for the Thrustmaster T150, where buttons were displaying incorrectly.
    • Fixed issue where controller mappings for a second device were not being saved.
    • Fixed an issue with the Thrustmaster TS WX Racer competition mod, where setting the steering Axis Deadzone Outside to below 50 made it impossible to drive the car.

December 2018

December 21, 2018

  • Xbox Fixes
    • Addressed some stability issues on Xbox caused by the prior content update.

December 13, 2018 "Fortune Island"

Main article: Forza Horizon 4/Update Four
  • New Features
    • Improved Horizon Life Multiplayer Event Sign-Up
      • When you create a Multiplayer Event, you can post it to the Activity Panel and return to Freeroam while you wait for players to sign up and join. The previous 40-second limit has been removed, and now you can wait for as long as you like for players to join before you start the session.
    • Improved Photo Mode
      • We've added more freedom to how you can move and pan the camera, along with bokeh effects and the ability to toggle headlights, drivers, wildlife and crowd characters!
  • Cross Platform Fixes
    • Emotes can now occasionally be found for purchase in the #Forzathon shop.
    • Improved visibility of driving line on mini-map in various colorblind modes.
    • Added messaging to inform players that Cars and Credits must be claimed from the Auction House within 60 days.
    • Added an LSP error message to make users aware they need an update to the game.
    • Seasonal Event names are now shown on the map, making them easier to find.
    • Made a change to allow users who use manual gears to view the map during Route Creation.
    • Fixed an exploit in Route Creator which allowed players to create routes to easily gain a large number of skill points.
    • Fixed an exploit in Rivals which allowed players to use cars that did not meet the event restrictions.
    • Fixed an issue where players who flipped cars, or missed checkpoints were not being reset in Ranked Adventure.
    • Fixed an issue where players could not remove glasses in the Character Customizer.
    • Fixed an issue where players could sometimes get stuck in a Car Mastery Tree, and be unable to navigate from their current tile.
    • Fixed an issue where players were occasionally being teleported to their last created Route Blueprint after a Seasonal Championship.
    • Fixed an issue where the Distance Driven stat was not updating correctly if the player changed their car via the Pause Menu
    • Various stability improvements.
  • PC Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where benchmark mode for Nvidia cards would sometimes show performance degradation when there was none.
    • Fixed an issue where the latest Windows 10 OS was causing a crash when entering speed zones.
    • Fixed infrequent frame drops when using AMD Radeon R9 290X
    • Improved non-standard functions that have been mapped to a controller.
  • Wheel Fixes
    • Fixed extreme sudden movements to wheels during initialization.
    • Fixed the grinding noise in cockpit view when shifting with the Logitech G920.
    • Fixed the deadzones settings functionality for Throttle, Brake, Clutch and Steering.
    • Added UI to make it clearer which way to turn the wheel when mapping a Steering Wheel.

November 2018

November 20, 2018 "Horizon Service Check"

Main article: Forza Horizon 4/Update Three
  • New Features
    • Implemented multi-material color selection for a number of cars and rims, as well as adding in a number of new to Horizon rims.
    • Added the ability to bulk add DLC cars to the player garage.
  • Cross Platform Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where Xbox Game Pass holders were not entitled to the Formula Drift pack.
    • Fixed an issue where players would not receive rewards for completing a seasonal PR stunt they already completed.
    • Fixed an issue where some players were not receiving double #Forzathon points after re-purchasing Lake Lodge.
    • Improved UI to make it clearer when players are earning double #Forzathon points.
    • Fixed an issue to keep players grouped together after finishing a #Forzathon Live Event.
    • Fixed an issue with Route Blueprint where the player was placed at the incorrect finish point after completing a custom route.
    • Fixed the camera issues caused by rewinding immediately after placing a checkpoint in Route Blueprint.
    • Fixed an issue in Route Blueprint where players could run out of checkpoints preventing them from being able to finish route creation.
    • Added information to the Route Blueprint UI to show how many checkpoints have been placed, and how many are left to be placed.
    • Fixed an exploit in Route Blueprint for farming Pass Skills from AI cars.
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to enter Rivals events in cars which did not match the restrictions.
    • Fixed an issue where players in Private Adventures were able to select cars which did not meet the restrictions.
    • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes be unable to navigate up and down on the vinyl select screen in the Livery Editor.
    • Reduced the cost of some engine swap upgrades.
    • Fixed an exploit to extend the length of Skill Songs.
    • Fixed an issue where Car Pass 'New Cars' game alert would appear too early.
    • Fixed an issue where only one player on a team would receive the award from the Trial and Seasonal Championships.
    • Fixed an issue in co-op Showcases where pausing the game would prevent opponents from moving.
    • Added the ability to skip forward during post-race sequences.
    • Added notifications to show when the players is connecting to Horizon Life post event.
    • Fixed an issue with civilian traffic not appearing in Horizon Live.
    • Various stability fixes.
  • Wheel Fixes
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing players from being able to delete custom wheel settings.

November 7, 2018

  • Cross Platform Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where some players were not being awarded "Antique Restorer" achievement, despite having collected all the Barn Finds.
    • Updated the reward for Winter trial to make the Green Morph Suit clothing item available to players.
    • Fixed a bug where players were unable to get their vehicle reset (either through flipping, or missing a checkpoint) during Team Adventure.
    • Prevent cars from appearing ghosted whilst in Photo Mode.
    • Fixed a bug where Drivatars were all showing as Wristband Level 1 in race results screens.
    • Fixed an issue where completing a Route Blueprint event would leave the player at the end of the on-disc route, rather than the blueprinted route.
    • Route Blueprint fliers now show "Custom Route" to distinguish them from other Blueprints.
    • Added a Report button to Designs, Tunes, Photos, Vinyls in the Creative Hub menu.
    • Fixed an issue where some players were not prompted to join the session.
    • Reduced the chance of sessions failing to start in Ranked Team Adventure following successful matchmaking.
    • General Stability improvements.
  • PC Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where changing visual presets with framerate set to >60 will result in mismatch between framerate and UI in-game after a reboot.
  • Wheel Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where users were unable to navigate menus after clearing a custom wheel profile.
    • Fixed Multi-USB device saving action map issue.
    • Fixed Fanatec Clubsport 2.5 (RdV 310, FwV 446) wheel settings don't save on game restart.

October 2018

October 29, 2018

  • PC Fixes
    • Fix for the corruption users experienced when a CU goes live at or around the same time as a Windows OS update.

October 23, 2018 "The Route Creator"

Main article: Forza Horizon 4/Update Two
  • Cross-Platform Fixes
    • General stability and performance improvements.
    • Multiple engine audio improvements based on community feedback.
    • Added quit option in Quickplay Team Adventure after finishing an Adventure.
    • Improvements to Force Feedback understeer effect
    • Fix for progress loss on Forzathon Challenges.
    • Fix for rewards not being awarded in Seasonal Championships and Trial events.
    • Fix for blurring on the edges of a moving target car in Photo Mode.
    • Fix to avoid early completion of Trial events and allow all events to be finished.
    • Fix for VIP House reward exploit.
    • Fix for reset system not placing the car correctly when changing season after an event.
    • Improvements to free-roam Drivatar behavior, when driving round tight corners
    • Fix for calculation of team score in Horizon Stories Co-op sessions during time-based challenges.
    • Fix for Forzathon Weekly Bonus not updating correctly in the UI.
    • Fix for HDR brightness calibration screen.
    • Fix for traffic cars not spawning sometimes after a Barn Find cinematic.
    • Fix for displayed value of VIP house when VIP owned, but house not purchased.
    • Fix for rotating wheels when car is stationary in Pause Menu, ForzaVista and Drone Mode.
  • PC Fixes
    • Fix for video options being lost when tweaking AMD GPU clock speeds.
    • Increased quality of grass and tree procedurals at distance when Procedural Quality setting is set to Extreme.
    • Fix for 'low streaming bandwidth' message on high spec PCs when GPU-limited.
    • Fix for crash when changing audio devices whilst a video is playing.
  • Xbox Fixes
    • No Xbox-specific fixes.
  • Wheel Fixes
    • Increased tuning range for FFB Understeer and FFB minimum force
      • Both minimum and maximum tuning settings have been increased, both of these features now have a bigger impact on FFB functionality.
      • The previous setting saved on user's profile have not been touched to avoid disruptions.
    • Logitech G920 (Xbox and PC) and G29 (PC Only)
      • Reduced rumble vibration strength.
      • Reduced default damper and spring strength.
        • This change will make the default FFB feel weaker by default (less spring and damper) on these two wheels, this also allows much better FFB torque bandwidth for tuning without clipping issues or oversteer FFB behavior problems. (wheel cannot rotate quickly enough for drifting)

October 10, 2018

  • All Platforms
    • General stability improvements
    • Changed the Titan FE Rivals Event to a regular Titan with an Upgrade Preset so non-VIPs can play it.
    • Fix for stall when connecting to a multiplayer session.
    • Fix for traffic sometimes not respawning after exiting an event sign-up in Horizon Life or after completing a Horizon Story.
    • Fix for Creative Hub data when accessed from Leaderboards.
    • Fix for crash during the rewards flow after completing a Horizon Story.
    • Fix for race position changing sometimes when crossing the line in co-op.
    • Fix for Xbox Silver Accounts not defaulting to Horizon Solo, resulting in failure to connect to multiplayer servers.
    • Fix for #Forzathon Live cinematics disappearing after disconnection.
    • Updated chase camera on the Mercedes Unimog to improve visibility.
  • Xbox
    • Fix for displaying the fallback car when reaching the Dirt race series with only the initial install chunk installed.
  • PC
    • Manual HDR option added. Note that some PC HDR users may find that their HDR setting becomes set to 'off' due to this update. They will need to toggle it back on using the manual setting.
    • Fix for HDR detection when multiple displays are connected.
    • Fix for user video settings being reset when graphics drivers are updated. Note that updating the driver just before running with this game update may still reset the video settings.
    • Minimum AMD graphics driver version updated to 18.9.3.
    • Fix for GPU crash after displaying the boot logo videos.
    • Improvements to video options auto-detection when running with a 4k monitor.
    • Fix for some cars parts appearing semi-transparent on AMD GPUs.
    • Fix for accelerator pedal not working on Thrustmaster T150 in some set-ups.

October 1, 2018

  • All Platforms
    • General stability and performance improvements.
    • Ultimate VIP Crown flair fixed.
  • Xbox
    • Stutters on Xbox One X while free roaming.
  • PC
    • Fixed issue when changing MSAA from 2x to 4x resulted in improper tree LOD rendering/popping until game restarted.
    • Fixed stalls and large FPS drops during Initial Drive. Affected machines where the player had insufficient RAM for their quality settings.
    • Fixed AMD GPU issue where switching MSAA settings without restarting resulted in black corruption on the environment.
    • Environment streaming improvements for min spec machines.
    • Added visual presets for Nvidia RTX 2070, 2080 and 2080Ti.
    • Fanatec CSL Wheel - fix for handbrake stuck on.
    • Wheel Force Feedback improvements.[1]


  1. (Complete update history)