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Forza Motorsport is the first installment of the Forza Motorsport series, and as a game for the original Xbox, it did not receive any downloadable content.

It was made available on Xbox 360 through the console's backwards compatibility emulation.



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231 Cars are featured in the game, no downloadable cars are available. Each car represents a class from lowest to highest depending on their power, speed and weight.


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There are 17 Environments, which are only sorted by tracks. No tracks can be downloaded as DLC.

Career mode

In career mode, you race in different series and can upgrade, tune, or paint your cars. This is the only way to obtain more vehicles in the game. In the career mode, there are five different series that the player can compete on ranging from the cars class, to their manufacturer or the type of car you own.

  • Point to point races - Races that put two drivers racing from one point of the track to the other.
  • Beginner Races - This is where the players begin their career after selecting their region, It also has races that the player can easily win races but they get less money after completing a race.
  • Professional races - Are slightly more harder races in which they are more difficult opponents but each race in this series earns the player more money.
  • Championship series - The championship series is where players race in a different class championship depending on the cars they own.
  • Endurance series - In this series players must race but must also keep their cars running.


Until April 15, 2010, players were able to compete over Xbox Live, with up to 8 players in each match.

The game also features system link and split-screen.


  • This game is compatible with Xbox 360 consoles.
  • The game was sometimes packaged with Xbox Live Arcade.
  • Cheat codes were entered through profile names.
  • Levelling up unlocks discounts and cars.
  • This is the only game in the series that is available for the original Xbox.

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