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Achievements in Forza Motorsport 7 are a series of goals that can be earned through career and multiplayer progression. A total of 62 achievements worth 1,000Gamerscore were included with the game's release.

A player's progression towards achievements is tracked on a single list tied across both Xbox One and PC.

Icon Award Value
Ach-Welcome to Forza Motorsport (FM7).jpg
Welcome to Forza Motorsport
Complete your first race
5 Gamerscore 
Ach-Buyers Market.jpg
Buyer's Market
Buy a car in the Auction House
10 Gamerscore 
Ach-Wheelin Dealin.jpg
Wheelin' Dealin'
Sell a car in the Auction House
5 Gamerscore 
Ach-Bronze Collector.jpg
Bronze Collector
Collect 100 cars
10 Gamerscore 
Ach-Silver Collector.jpg
Silver Collector
Collect 300 cars
20 Gamerscore 
Ach-Gold Collector.jpg
Gold Collector
Collect 500 cars
30 Gamerscore 
Ach-Platinum Collector.jpg
Platinum Collector
Collect 700 cars
50 Gamerscore 
Ach-Suit Up.jpg
Suit Up
Unlock 10 Driver Gear suits
5 Gamerscore 
Ach-If The Shoe Fits.jpg
If The Shoe Fits…
Unlock 25 Driver Gear suits
10 Gamerscore 
Ach-Decked Out.jpg
Decked Out
Unlock 50 Driver Gear suits
20 Gamerscore 
Ach-Fashion Statement.jpg
Fashion Statement
Unlock 100 Driver Gear suits
50 Gamerscore 
Ach-Uncommon Collector.jpg
Uncommon Collector
Reach Car Collector Tier 2
5 Gamerscore 
Ach-Rare Collector.jpg
Rare Collector
Reach Car Collector Tier 3
10 Gamerscore 
Ach-Super Rare Collector.jpg
Super Rare Collector
Reach Car Collector Tier 4
10 Gamerscore 
Ach-Legendary Collector.jpg
Legendary Collector
Reach Car Collector Tier 5
10 Gamerscore 
Ach-Exclusive Collector.jpg
Exclusive Collector
Reach Car Collector Tier 6
10 Gamerscore 
Ach-Elite Collector.jpg
Elite Collector
Reach Car Collector Tier 7
20 Gamerscore 
Ach-Ultimate Collector.jpg
Ultimate Collector
Reach Car Collector Tier 8
50 Gamerscore 
Ach-Rennsport Driver.jpg
Rennsport Driver
Own the 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS
10 Gamerscore 
Share a Photo
5 Gamerscore 
Ach-Show Off (FM7).jpg
Show Off
Share a Replay
5 Gamerscore 
Complete 50 laps at night
10 Gamerscore 
Ach-Seeker Champion.jpg
Seeker Champion
Complete the Seeker Championship
10 Gamerscore 
Ach-Breakout Champion.jpg
Breakout Champion
Complete the Breakout Championship
10 Gamerscore 
Ach-Evolution Champion.jpg
Evolution Champion
Complete the Evolution Championship
15 Gamerscore 
Ach-Domination Champion.jpg
Domination Champion
Complete the Domination Championship
15 Gamerscore 
Ach-Masters Champion.jpg
Masters Champion
Complete the Masters Championship
20 Gamerscore 
Ach-Drivers Cup Champion.jpg
Driver's Cup Champion
Complete the Forza Driver's Cup
25 Gamerscore 
Ach-Seeker Elite Champion.jpg
Seeker Elite Champion
Fully Complete the Seeker Championship
25 Gamerscore 
Ach-Breakout Elite Champion.jpg
Breakout Elite Champion
Fully Complete the Breakout Championship
25 Gamerscore 
Ach-Evolution Elite Champion.jpg
Evolution Elite Champion
Fully Complete the Evolution Championship
25 Gamerscore 
Ach-Domination Elite Champion.jpg
Domination Elite Champion
Fully Complete the Domination Championship
25 Gamerscore 
Ach-Masters Elite Champion.jpg
Masters Elite Champion
Fully Complete the Masters Championship
30 Gamerscore 
Ach-Drivers Cup Elite Champion.jpg
Driver's Cup Elite Champion
Fully Complete the Forza Driver's Cup
50 Gamerscore 
Ach-Show and Tell.jpg
Show and Tell
Complete all Showcase Events in the Forza Driver's Cup
25 Gamerscore 
Ach-Modified (FM7).jpg
Use your first Mod
5 Gamerscore 
Ach-Playing With A Full Deck.jpg
Playing With A Full Deck
Acquire 50 Mods
10 Gamerscore 
Ach-Discard Pile.jpg
Discard Pile
Equip and Fully Use 50 Mods
10 Gamerscore 
Ach-Cash Rules Everything Around Me.jpg
Cash Rules Everything Around Me
Earn 500,000 credits from Mods
15 Gamerscore 
Ach-I Am Legend.jpg
I Am Legend
Finish an event and complete all challenges with 3 Legendary Mods
20 Gamerscore 
Ach-Bahn Burner.jpg
'Bahn Burner
Complete a race in the 1998 Porsche 911 GT1 Strassenversion on Maple Valley
5 Gamerscore 
Ach-Italian Tune Up.jpg
Italian Tune Up
Complete a race in the 2014 Ferrari FXX K on Mugello
5 Gamerscore 
Complete a race in the 2017 Nissan GT-R on Suzuka
5 Gamerscore 
Ach-No Substitute.jpg
No Substitute
Complete a race with every car from Porsche
15 Gamerscore 
Drive faster than 250 mph in any car
5 Gamerscore 
Ach-Making It Rain.jpg
Making It Rain
Create your own weather forecast in Freeplay
5 Gamerscore 
Ach-Storm Chaser.jpg
Storm Chaser
Complete a race in every Rain Weather Scenario
10 Gamerscore 
Ach-Survival of the Fastest.jpg
Survival of the Fastest
Complete the Spa-Francorchamps 100 showcase event with Extra Long Race Length enabled.
50 Gamerscore 
Ach-Paint Booth.jpg
Paint Booth
Share one of your Paints
5 Gamerscore 
Ach-All About the Benjamins.jpg
All About the Benjamins
Earn 50,000 credits from the community using your Design
10 Gamerscore 
Ach-Tune It Up.jpg
Tune It Up
Share one of your Tunes
5 Gamerscore 
Ach-Skills to Pay the Bills.jpg
Skills to Pay the Bills
Earn 50,000 credits from the community using your Tune
10 Gamerscore 
Ach-Unrivaled (FM7).jpg
Beat 10 Rivals while running with no Assists
15 Gamerscore 
Ach-Super Human.jpg
Super Human
Win a race with Unbeatable Drivatar Difficulty
20 Gamerscore 
Ach-Joy Ride.jpg
Joy Ride
Enter Test Drive in any car
5 Gamerscore 
Ach-Nightvision (FM7).jpg
Complete 50 laps at night in Multiplayer
5 Gamerscore 
Ach-Rain Dancer (FM7).jpg
Rain Dancer
Complete 50 laps in the rain in Multiplayer
5 Gamerscore 
Ach-Gaining Experience (FM7).jpg
Gaining Experience
Complete 100 laps in Multiplayer
5 Gamerscore 
Ach-Devoted Racer (FM7).jpg
Devoted Racer
Complete 300 laps in Multiplayer
10 Gamerscore 
Ach-World Traveler (FM7).jpg
World Traveler
Complete a race on every track in Multiplayer
50 Gamerscore 
Ach-Hard Driver.jpg
Hard Driver
Win a race with no Assists turned on in a Multiplayer race
15 Gamerscore 
Ach-Underdog (FM7).jpg
Start last and finish first in a Multiplayer race with 24 cars
15 Gamerscore