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Mods are consumables in Forza Motorsport 7 that offer players rewards for completing race objectives in singleplayer.

Mods mostly offer increased credits payouts and bonus experience points for using certain driver assists or not, as well as for accomplishing driving feats or doing both. They can only be purchased from Race Shop and can be immediately sold off. VIP players receive double credits Mods that can be used for up to 25 races.


Driver Assists

Name Description Common Uncommon Rare Super Rare
Behind The Wheel Normal Steering +30% CR
Camera Action Cockpit/Driver/Follow High/Hood Cam Only +20% CR +30% CR
Clutch Master Manual with Clutch +70% CR
Holding Steady TCS & STM Off +80% CR
Instability Stability Management Off +30% XP +40% XP +50% XP
Linear Thinking Suggested Line Off +60% CR
Maximum Damage Full Simulation Damage +60% CR
No Turning Back Rewind Off +70% CR
Progression ABS On, Normal Steering +40% CR & +500 XP
Purist Cockpit Cam Only, Manual Transmission +60% CR & 1,000 XP +80% CR & 2,000 XP
Ride The Line Braking Line Only +30% CR +40% CR
Splash & Dash Simulation Fuel & Tire Damage +30% CR
Tough Brake ABS On +30% CR

Driving Feats

Name Description Common Uncommon Rare Super Rare
All Out Velocity Reach at least 200 mph (322 km/h), Finish 200 Meters Ahead +70% CR & 1,500 XP
Back To The Front Start 100 Meters Behind Starting Grid, Finish 100 Meters Ahead +20% CR & 500 XP
Clean Racing Stay On Track for 1 Lap +50% CR +70% CR
Expert Cornering Perform a/2 Good Corner/s +25% CR +30% CR
Expert Drafting Perform a Good Draft +45% CR
Expert Passing Perform 2 Good Passes +30% CR
Grid Setback Grid Position Down 5 +50% CR
Ideal Conditions Race in the Rain +30% CR +40% CR +50% CR
Night Race Race at Night +30% CR +40% CR +50% CR
Not Even Close Finish 25/50/100 Meters Ahead +30% CR +40% CR +50% CR
Superb Cornering Perform 4/6 Good Corners +35%/40% CR
Superior Cornering Perform a Perfect Corner +45% CR
Superior Cornering Perform 2 Perfect Corners +50% CR
Superior Drafting Perform 2 Perfect Drafts +70% CR
Superior Drifting Perform 4 Good Drifts +60% CR
Superior Passing Perform 2 Perfect Passes +50% CR
Top Five Place 5th or Better +20% CR +30% CR
Top Three Place 3rd or Better +30% CR +40% CR +50% CR
Tough Spot Start in Grid Position 24, Finish in 1st Place +60% CR
Underdog Grid Position Down 5, Perform 4 Good Passes +40% CR & 500 XP
Winner's Circle Finish in 1st Place +40% CR


Name Description Common Uncommon Rare Super Rare
Art Of The Apex Traction Control Off, Perform 8 Good Corners +60% CR & 1,000 XP
Battle Scars Full Simulation Damage, Perform 6 Good Passes +60% CR & 1,000 XP +70% CR & 1,500 XP
Brake The Bank ABS Off, Perform 8 Perfect Corners +60% CR & 1,000 XP
Burnout Full Simulation Damage, Reach at least 200 mph (322 km/h) +60% CR & 1,000 XP
Getting Around ABS Off, Perform 8 Perfect Passes +60% CR & 1,000 XP
Lockdown ABS Off, Stay On Track For 1 Lap +70% CR & 1,500 XP
Walk The Line Braking Line Only, Stay On Track For 1 Lap +40% CR & 500 XP +50% CR & 750 XP
Walk The Line Suggested Line Off, Stay On Track For 1 Lap +60% CR & 1,000 XP


Name Description Common Uncommon Rare Super Rare
Double Down Improved Race Rewards +20% CR & +500 XP +60% CR & 1,500 XP
Fast Learner Improved Race Rewards +500 XP +1,000 XP +1,500 XP
Grid Improvement Start of Race Benefit Grid Position Up 4
Payday Improved Race Rewards +20% CR +40% CR


  • As driver assists no longer grant credits bonuses, Mods are the only way to increase credits payouts apart from increasing Drivatar difficulty.
  • Players participating in races with a high number of laps can greatly increase their race rewards, as players earn better rewards for longer race durations. They can be especially useful in combination with Forza Edition cars.
  • Mods are unusable in Showcase events.