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The Forza Wiki staff is a group of users that are trusted to maintain the site on a regular basis.

Staff members are granted additional user functions such as the ability of deleting user contributions and blocking users with editing offenses. These privileges allow the staff to contribute to the site to a greater degree, but should never be abused for settling editing disputes with other users. All staff members are displayed with bold names on the wiki activity feed and talk pages.

Active Staff

User Levels

Functions Patrollers Administrators Bureaucrats
Rollback yes yes yes
Moving (renaming) pages yes yes yes
Protecting pages no yes yes
Deleting user contributions no yes yes
Blocking users no yes yes
Skin and MediaWiki editing no yes yes
User rights manipulation no no yes


All users can be promoted to patrollers, provided they have regular editing activities and accept the site's editing guidelines. Applications can be submitted to the talk page of this page, although it is also possible for users to be offered positions by the staff themselves.

Patrollers with longer activity on the site can be promoted to an administrator position that greatly expands their number of available user functions. It is also possible to directly promote a regular user to administrator under special circumstances.

Inactive Staff

Staff members are considered inactive if they have not contributed to the site for at least two months. However, staff members with temporary inactivity that has been notified to the community beforehand are exempt from this rule.