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Gumpert is a German car manufacturer that appears in Forza Motorsport 3, Forza Motorsport 4 and Forza Horizon.


The name Gumpert should already be familiar to rally racing fans around the world. Before developing his vision of a new super sports car, Roland Gumpert was the famed director of Audi Sport. He was the driving force behind the development of the four-wheel-drive Iltis, the original predecessor of today's Quattro. Under his management, Audi won a total of 25 World Rally Championship races and four World Rally Championship titles. In 2001, Gumpert founded GUMPERT Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH and has worked to create his signature super sports car, the Gumpert Apollo: a car which combined the highest dynamics with unmatched driving capabilities, intended to be a street-legal car ready for the race track. Gumpert also wanted to offer the best value for the money among super sports cars. The Apollo can reach 62 mph in less than three seconds and 124 mph in nine seconds flat. And it's street-legal. The hit BBC series TopGear recognizes the Apollo as one of the fastest car around their infamous test track over the last several seasons.
— Official description [1]


Image Year Name Drive Engine Power Torque Weight Front/Rear
HOR X360 Gumpert Apollo 12 2012 Gumpert Apollo Enraged RWD 4.2L V8
769 hp
(573 kW)
678.4 ft⋅lb
(920 Nm)
2921 lb
(1325 kg)
40 % / 60 %
HOR X360 Gumpert Apollo 10 2010 Gumpert Apollo S RWD 4.2L V8
691 hp
(515 kW)
645 ft⋅lb
(875 Nm)
2976 lb
(1350 kg)
40 % / 60 %


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