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Wheelspin in Forza Horizon 4
For the reward system used in Forza Motorsport 6, see Prize Spin

The Horizon Wheelspin is a spinning prize reel, stylized as a slot machine, featured in the Horizon series.

The Horizon Wheelspin is obtained each time the player achieves a new driver level. Once activated, the reel will spin at a very high speed before slowing down and stopping at a prize.

Prizes can either be credits or a new car, although the wheelspin may feature a greater proportion of car prizes than credits. In Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Horizon 5, it is also possible to earn character customization items and car horns.


Title Unlock
Forza Horizon Reach a new driver level in multiplayer
Forza Horizon 2 Reach a new driver level
Forza Horizon 3 Reach a new driver level
Purchase specific Instant Rewards perks (no VIP rewards)
Purchase for 70,000 CR with the Spin It Again perk (no VIP rewards)
Complete a Forzathon challenge
Forza Horizon 4 Reach a new driver level
Horizon Life reward
Purchase for 100 FP as of Update 38 (Series 1 to 37 cost was 40 FP) (Forzathon Shop)
Forza Horizon 5 Reach a new driver level
Purchase for 60 FP as of Series 6 (Series 1 to 5 cost was 80 FP) (Forzathon Shop)


Having a VIP membership in Forza Horizon 2 and Forza Horizon 3 will double credit rewards, and for cars will include their selling credit value (Horizon 2 only).

VIP players in Forza Horizon 4 no longer receive credit bonuses but receive weekly Super Wheelspins instead.

Super Wheelspin[]

A Super Wheelspin in Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Horizon 5 grants three prizes with a higher chance of rare items for a single wheelspin.

Forza Horizon 4 Purchase for 300 FP as of Update 38 (Series 1 to 37 cost was 150 FP) (Forzathon Shop)
Forza Horizon 5 Purchase for 150 FP as of Series 6 (Series 1 to 5 cost was 300 FP) (Forzathon Shop)

Players receive Super Wheelspins for levelling up a Horizon Life progression series, from purchasing a specific Player House or from purchasing one directly in the Forzathon Shop.


  • If the Horizon Wheelspin gives the player a car they already have, they can choose to either get the car prize's selling credit value or add another copy of that car to their garage. However, in Forza Horizon 4, they can not be immediately sold from the reward menu. Update 14 re-introduced this ability to the game.
  • In Forza Horizon 2, ANNA will say "You've levelled up!" every time the player gets a chance to spin the prize wheel.
  • In Forza Horizon 3, there is a chance that a Horizon Edition car can be won as a prize from an Horizon Wheelspin. At the bottom left of the wheelspin screen, the possible best prize of the wheelspin is shown, usually a high-value car or a Horizon Edition car. Sometimes, it may instead show what a friend won several days ago (either 100,000 CR or a new car).
  • In Forza Horizon 3, the player can win a Midnight Battle-unlockable car via the Horizon Wheelspin. If the player wins a Midnight Battle against that car, they will receive a second copy of the car with all the appropriate body kit and performance upgrades already purchased for them.
  • The Wheelspin is absent in the Xbox 360 release of Forza Horizon 2.