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Hot Wheels Goliath is a Circuit route in Forza Horizon 3, available in the Hot Wheels Expansion. It is the final event unlocked in Horizon Hot Wheels and is part of the S2 Class Racing Tier.

The event starts near the Horizon Hot Wheels Festival and goes around the perimeter of Horizon Hot Wheels, first through Sizzling Sands, then through Rusty Reef, Jurassic Jungle, Thrill City, and finally Tidal Teeth before returning back to the finish line.


The ultimate Hot Wheels adventure! Experience the BEST of Thrilltopia in this monster circuit and prepare to have the best drive of your life! Do you think you can handle it?
— In-game description 

Available Stunts

  • Loop-the-Loop
  • Spiral
  • The Wave
  • Boost Jump
  • Split Jump

Default Exhibition

  • Number of Laps: 1
  • Time of Day: Late Afternoon
  • Weather: Light Rain
  • Cover Car: 2013 McLaren P1
  • Stunt 1: Spiral
  • Stunt 2: Boost Jump


  • Unlike the speed-focused Goliath Circuit, Hot Wheels Goliath is more technical, as it includes spiral helixes, steep slopes, difficult curves, and loop-the-loop pieces, among many other stunt track pieces, as well as undulating roads and sharp corners. This makes high-speed driving more dangerous.
    • However, just like Goliath Circuit, Hot Wheels Goliath still gives out high amounts of CR and XP when completed, making it useful for Horizon Edition cars and purchasing respective Skill Shop perks.


  • Unlike the Kingmaker race from the Blizzard Mountain Expansion, the player can use any car on Hot Wheels Goliath with the exception of X Class cars in Hot Wheels Goliath due to this race being part of the S2 Class Racing Tier. X Class cars can be used if the player drives on this track in a Championship.
    • Drivatars in a normal Hot Wheels Goliath race always use classic cars when this race is accessed for the first time. In all other times, S2 Class cars are used instead.
  • There are two achievements relating to Hot Wheels Goliath:
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