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Land Rover is a British car manufacturer featured in all main Forza titles since Forza Motorsport 3.

Land Rover is specialized in offroad vehicles that range from the rugged Defender 90 up to the Range Rover luxury SUV series. Its performance models are usually equipped with supercharged V8 engines from its sister company Jaguar that allow the company to produce some of the fastest SUVs ever made.


When Land Rover built its first vehicle in 1948, post-war rationing and a tight budget meant that the first vehicle body was built from aluminum and painted with the leftover sage-green paint acquired from an aircraft components factory. From the beginning, the gutsy Land Rover was harnessed for agricultural use as well as exploration. The original permanent four-wheel-drive vehicle, and each new member of the Land Rover range, has provided reliable and rugged support for scientific and adventurous expeditions around the world. In the 1960s, the company became convinced that there was a market for a more luxurious four-wheel-drive vehicle—a vehicle that could combine a car’s performance, handling, and comfort with the 4x4 ability of a Land Rover. The Range Rover was unveiled in 1970 and enjoyed immediate acclaim. The Land Rover Discovery launched in 1989. As a mainstream sport utility vehicle, it combined the ruggedness and off-road capability of the original Land Rover with the comfort of the Range Rover. In 2005. Land Rover introduced the Range Rover Sport, its most performance-oriented vehicle to date. With a range of engines, including a TDV8 and Supercharged Petrol, its power combined with Land Rover’s advanced technologies to provide dynamic and exhilarating driving.


Image Year Name Drive Engine Power Torque Weight Front/Rear
HOR XB1 LR Range 15 2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR AWD 5.0L V8 - S
550 hp
(410 kW)
502 ft⋅lb
(681 Nm)
5148 lb
(2335 kg)
52 % / 48 %
HOR XB1 LR Range 14 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged AWD 5.0L V8 - S
510 hp
(380 kW)
461 ft⋅lb
(625 Nm)
5612 lb
(2546 kg)
51 % / 49 %
MOT XB1 LR Range 12 2012 Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged AWD 5.0L V8 - S
503 hp
(375 kW)
461 ft⋅lb
(625 Nm)
6195 lb
(2810 kg)
49 % / 51 %
MOT XB360 Land Rover 08Fix 2008 Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged AWD 4.2L V8 - TS
400 hp
(298 kW)
420 ft⋅lb
(569 Nm)
5842 lb
(2650 kg)
54 % / 46 %
HOR XB1 LR Defender 1997 Land Rover Defender 90 AWD 4.0L V8 - NA
182 hp
(136 kW)
232 ft⋅lb
(315 Nm)
3902 lb
(1770 kg)
52 % / 48 %
Hor lr range rover 73 1973 Land Rover Range Rover AWD 3.5L V8 - NA
135 hp
(101 kW)
185 ft⋅lb
(251 Nm)
3800 lb
(1724 kg)
50 % / 50 %
HOR XB1 LR Series 1972 Land Rover Series III AWD 2.2L I4 - NA
69 hp
(51 kW)
120 ft⋅lb
(163 Nm)
3097 lb
(1405 kg)
57 % / 43 %



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