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  • The CarStats template is currently being worked on for Forza Horizon 4, but will function exactly like for any other title. The example below is for Forza Horizon 3, but the parameters will be the same for Horizon 4:

    |5.8|6.3|7.1|8.1|6.4|639|price = 110,000|div = rr  => General stats
    |a60 = 4.700|a100 = 13.500|ts = 153.2
    |b60 = 152.7|b100 = 382.2
    |g60 = 0.85|g120 = 0.89 => Performance

    You're free to already fill in the above shown parameters, as they will be accepted once the template is updated. As for the division parameter, try using the division variable names for Horizon 3 that are shown in the documentation. Some divisions may not be in Horizon 3, so you might need to come up with new variable names (we prefer using abbreviations for variable names).

    Unfortunately I'll be unlikely to work on the CarStats template soon, as I'll be gone from home for the next two weeks. However, I'll try to check on the site on every possible occasion for questions and patrols.

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    • Fixed. ;)

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    • There is any specific setup for the photo gallery on barnfinds and others? I notice the ones already submited has almost the same angle on every shoot

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