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Malvern, Worcestershire, England

Morgan is British automotive manufacturer in the Forza series.


"Founded in 1909, the Morgan Motor Company is a British car manufacturer with over a century of history behind it. Today, the company is run by the founder's grandson, Charles Morgan. Morgan cars are known for being lightweight. All cars are built by hand, and those on the waiting list for a new Morgan regularly wait between one to two years for their new car. Morgan still produces several models using a wooden ash frame. Morgan's earliest cars were two- and three-wheelers, but the company quickly moved on to four-wheelers. The company's latest offering, the Morgan Aero SuperSports, a lightweight aluminum sports car, was designed to create a driving environment that is efficient, ergonomic, and sumptuous."

Vehicle List

Year Vehicle Name
2010 Morgan Aero Supersports
2014 Morgan 3 Wheeler
2018 Morgan Aero GT