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PR stunts are a major new feature in Forza Horizon. These were located at each Horizon Outpost located around the map. There are three different PR stunts to choose from:

  • Speed - Get to a speed trap/zone in a certain amount of time while at a certain speed.
  • Skill - Get a certain amount of skill points in a certain amount of time.
  • Photo - Get to a location without damaging the car too much and take a photo. Unlike the other two there is no time limit.

Each stunt requires you to use a certain car. Upon completing you get a discount on fast travelling to the specific Horizon Output. Completing all three at a certain Horizon Outpost grants you free fast travel to that Horizon Outpost.

There are a total of 30 PR stunts spread out across 10 Horizon Outposts. They can be done in order at the Outpost and in all of them. Upon completing all 30 you unlock the achievement Stuntman for 25G.

Discount bonuses go as follows


No. of PR stunts completed at specific Oputpost

Amount to fast travel
0% 0/3 10,000CR
25% 1/3 7,500CR
50% 2/3 5,000CR
100% 3/3 0CR
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