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Star Showdown is a point to point face-off race event that appears in Forza Horizon and takes place on open roads with traffic against a rival driving with a unique modified car.

Each event is a race against a rival of a specific wristband stage to gain popularity within the Horizon Festival. Winning a Star Showdown event will reward the player with a cash prize and the rival's car.

Star Vehicle Wristband Restrictions
Ramona Cravache Ford F150 SVT Raptor Yellow B - Open
Ali Howard Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 Green A - Open
Duke Maguire Lamborghini Diablo SV Blue A - Open
Marko Baran Nissan GT-R Black Edition Pink S - Open
Zaki Malik Lexus LFA Orange S - Open
Hailey Harper Saleen S7 Purple R3 - Open
Darius Flynt Ferrari 599XX Gold R1 - Open