Used for articles relating to downloadable content packs.

|name  = Name of content
|game  = fm, fm2, fm3, fm4, fm5, fm6, fm6a, fh, fh2, fh3
|image = Image of content, if applicable
|type  = carpackfree, carpackpaid, pass, update, bundle, order, expansion, promofree, promopaid, l
|date1 = Release date of content
|rel1  = If date has a specific outline such as territory or unique circumstances
|dur   = Availability period, if applicable
|£     = Price in pound sterling
|$     = Price in US dollar
|€     = Price in euro
|¥     = Price in yen
|extra = Bundle only. Content packs included with a bundle
|items = Bundle only. Number of content packs included with a bundle
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