{{Navbox}} provides a complete structure for creating navigational templates consisting of one column or two columns with up to five cell rows and 10 cell rows, respectively.

Create a new template page for each application instead of including this template directly in articles. For easier navigation it is recommended to add <noinclude>[[Category:Navbox]]</noinclude> for categorization.


|title  =
|slist1 =
|slist2 =
|group1 =
|list1  =
|group2 =
|list2  =


  • title - Title of the navbox
  • Use slist or group&list:
    • slist1, slist2, slist3, ..., slist5 - Generate a single row, two rows, etc (data)
    • group1, group2, group3, ..., group10 - Generate rows within the first column (headers)
    • list1, list2, list3, ..., list10 - Generate rows within the second column (data)


  • This template can easily be expanded with more columns and/or rows, although it is recommended to keep complexity at a minimum for optimal performance and easier maintenance.
  • This template was originally created by CMAN122.
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