• This template is used for displaying references on articles in combination with <ref> tags. It automatically formats a reference for display at the bottom of an article.
  • The formatting is very similar to Wikipedia's Cite web template but has been simplified for this site's purpose. You may contact CMAN122, the original author of this template, for assistance.
  • If you are new to references, citations and footnotes, make sure to see this first.


  • This template accepts up to four direct parameters for normal applications. If you use an image or video as source, you only need to use the first parameter.
    • Parameter 1 - Insert URL
    • Parameter 2 - Insert title of article
    • Parameter 3 - Insert name of source
    • Parameter 4 - Insert date of retrieval
  • Additional parameters/Special applications:
    • If you use a footnote as source, write "note" in Parameter 1 and your footnote in Parameter 2.
    • If you want to refer to the same source multiple times, use name as an additional parameter that will be used as the identifier of your reference.


{{ref|https://forzamotorsport.net/en-us/news/wir_3_2_18|Forza Week in Review 3-2-18|forzamotorsport.net|March 3, 2018}}

This sentence has a reference.[1]

References section:
  1. "Forza Week in Review 3-2-18" . forzamotorsport.net . Retrieved March 3, 2018.
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