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Welcome to my user page. I am an operator here.

Note: I currently have Xbox Live Gold active through May 2018, meaning I can play online for the time being, after which my subscription will actually auto-renew.


What I like to do on Forza is high-speed driving, beating my friends at PR Stunts, and putting on designs on my cars.

Forza Rewards Information

This information was recorded on January 14, 2018
  • Tier: 9
  • Total Forza Score: 13,740 / 22,000 pts
    • FM7: 2,351 / 3,000 (82.53%)
    • FH3: 3,000 / 3,000 (100%)
    • FM6: 2,953 / 3,000 (98.43%)
    • FH2: 2,945 / 3,000 (98.17%)
    • FM5: 1,612 / 3,000 (53.37%)
    • FH1: 754 / 2,000 (37.7%)
  • Miles Driven: 37.4K
  • Cars Owned: 1253
  • Days Played: 720
  • Gamerscore: Gamerscore 4,765
  • I have been banned from the forums due to the corruption that has tainted the moderators there. Dragnet and Hieronymus1967 try to sound very intellectual but do not actually come off as such. Worse, the moderators there have been constantly banning people who make even the slightest complaint about the game, with the worst case scenarios being that the bans can last until 2291. For these reasons, I am no longer logging in to

Other Information About Me

  • I have permanently quit Asphalt 8 for good after more than three years of being enslaved by it.
    • Since the only good thing about A8 is the liveries, I like to have my cars equipped with liveries from the game (if available). As a bonus, see this page.
  • When choosing a new design for my car, I tend to avoid featured/popular designs like those by STANCE MARABOUT or Kana SonS.
  • I have a strong hatred for fanboys, especially JDM fanboys.
  • I edit at the other wikis:

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